Matterport injects social media and 'storytelling' functionality into platform -

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Matterport provides extra social media share buttons and the power to navigate a home within a new social media platform.

The organization in inclusion has additional guided-tour functionality for you to its platform.

"Mattertags," meanwhile, will let agents label any object in a model using a photo and also description.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Even though 3-D tours are usually a huge leap in front of even now photographs throughout relation to advertising any property, agents haven't been able to provide guided 3-D property tours, along with sharing any tour about social media nonetheless necessary a new cut-and-paste.

3-D provider Matterport is almost all about to end up being able to adjust that; it has unveiled a new group of features which permit agents inject an element associated with salesmanship into 3-D models ...

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